Do your appliances comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act?

Not sure? Your business insurance may be void without the required tests. Take advantage of our 35 years experience in the electrical industry and achieve the required standards.

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Do you know where you stand regarding the health and safety regulations and the legal aspect of not being up to date with your appliance testing program?

The Law

The health and safety at work act 1974 puts a duty of care upon both employer and employee to ensure the safety of all persons using the premises (this includes the self employed). See Legal section for more details.

Faulty equipment can lead to the danger of electric shock, serious injury and even death. Offences committed under the law may be liable for a £20,000 fine if tried in a magistrates court, or unlimited fines and prison sentences if tried in a crown court.

Do you comply?

To comply your appliances must be tested for electrical safety.

We produce digital readings showing the appliance test results, appliance identification, location of test, time of test and also barcode identification to enable asset tracking. If you have all of this in place you have total proof of all testing carried out.

Please note, just putting a green pass label on an appliance may not be enough to satisfy your insurance company.

Okay, what now?

Don’t panic.

You can stop looking, now that you have found a company that cares.

Please take a few minuets to read the next few lines. This will help you to start eliminating all that worry and confusion about what needs testing and what does not need testing, plus how often does it need to be tested, all very boring stuff. Forget all that, all you have to do is let us take care of what is required regarding the health and safety regulations for your electrical appliances and this will allow you to have total peace of mind.

We have put in place a very simple pricing structure, and to help build relationships with local businesses we can offer you one of our fantastic loyalty packages.

100% guarantee that the quote you are given is the price you pay, no nasty little add ons.

100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

100% guaranteed loyalty.

Take advantage of our total commitment and ongoing support for you and your business.

You will be offered completely free and impartial advice. Give us a call and we will help you in any way we can.

Think of it this way, if you are PAT testing your appliances you are investing in a safe working environment that will help to ensure the safety of all your staff and visitors, which in return gives you total peace of mind.

Did you know your insurance premiums might be lower if you have an annual PAT testing program in place? Also PAT testing is classified as maintenance and repair so that makes it fully tax deductible.

Your site survey

We serve the whole of the South West, including Exmouth, Exeter and Devon, so call us now to arrange your free site survey.

The reason for a site survey is for you to be able to tell us your exact requirements and we can help you put in place a made to measure PAT testing program and arrange a convenient time for you to have the tests carried out.

We can also identify any potential problems before testing; this allows you to address any of the problems you may have before the testing is carried out. By doing it in this way it will save your business valuable time and also money.

Portable appliance testing can be very cost effective if applied competently and with the latest PAT testing equipment and software.

It is sad to say that accidents involving electrical equipment occur more often than you can imagine. Last year the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published figures showing that there was 24,992 fires, 998 electrical shocks and a unbelievable 30 deaths from electrical equipment.


Get legal not fined

All our PAT testing is carried out in accordance with (IEE) the Institute of Electrical Engineers code of practice.

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